Where are you standing?

Where Are You Standing? 2011 | 2012

Where Are You Standing? (2011 | 2012) is an interactive, collaborative mobile music piece using the digital compass on mobile phones, which is co-composed by me and Woon Seung Yeo. The piece features four performers on stage making sound by taking aim at other performers: compass-measured orientation of each aiming gesture is mapped to a specific musical note depending on which player is aimed at, and is visualized on screen in real-time to show the “music-making” process to the audience.

[Interaction Methods]

I presented two cases of compass-based mobile music performance: 1) multiple performers on stage interacting with each other by taking aims, and 2) musical representation of various inter-performer interactions on stage.

1) Case 1: Aiming Direction

Each aiming action of a performer at other is detected as an “event.” For N performers, there are N(N-1) distinct unidirectional events, N(N-1)/2 bidirectional ones, and numerous combinations of those as well that can be used to trigger sound outputs and visual effects.

2) Case 2: Aiming with Movement

The position of each performer can be identified and utilized for more various musical expression. I created iOS app "HaM" to keep track of performers’ positions on stage in real-time.

- Mapping strategies

Visualization of Changes in on-stage formation of performers. Distances between performers were mapped to inter-Onset interval (IOI).


Depending on the distance from the center of the circle, notes played by the performer get higher pitch



  • Where Are You Standing? 2012 @ NIME 2012 , Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
    - Software: Max/MSP, Processing, HaM app (on iOS, written by me)

  • Where Are You Standing? 2011 @ Sonic Phone-o-graph, Seoul, Korea.
    - Software: Logic Studio, Processing, KAMPO app (on iOS, written by Sihwa Park)
    - Each instrument make piano sound as if performers played the piano on taped music.

Related papers:
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