Currently, I am working on an interactive intelligent interface for various audio-related tasks. In the past, I have worked on musical interfaces, computer-generated music, and interactive media art. 


I-SED: Interactive Sound Event Detector


Speeding Learning of Personalized Audio Equalization
Try this personalized audio Equalizer interface, SocialEQ: | Demo video


  Probabilistic Prediction of Rhythmic Characteristics in Markov Chain-based Melodic Sequences
This project deals with probabilistic rhythm analysis using Markov chain. I present an interactive improvisation system which allows the user to control the level of syncopation and rhythmic tension in real-time.

is a tabletop interface that uses mobile devices as UI components. Position of each mobile device on the table is tracked down in real time only using acoustic signals in "theoretically audible, but practically inaudible range" (TAPIR).


  Where Are You Standing?
Where Are You Standing? is an interactive, collaborative mobile music piece using smartphones' digital compass.


Turning Into Sound
Turning Into Sound is an interactive multimedia installation. People can make music by drawing on a white board with three color pens.



Dance performance with mobile phone-Don't Imagine
Don't Imagine is  a new media dance performance. I participated as a multimedia engineer to develop mobile-phone based interactive music controllers for dancers.


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