[Electrical Engineering and Computer Science]@Northwestern Univ. (2013- present)

EECS 495 Deep Learning
EECS 333 Introduction to Communication Network
PSYCH 451-1 Statistics in Experimental Design
EECS 321 Programming Languages
EECS 495 Projects in Computer Audition
EECS 351 Introduction to Computer Graphics
EECS 510 Statistical Pattern Recognition
EECS 495 Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
EECS 348 Introduction to Artificial Intellegence
EECS 352 Machine Perception of Music and Audio
EECS 336 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
EECS 349 Machine Learning

EECS 359 Digital Signal Processing

[Culture Technology]@KAIST (2010- 2012)

GCT633 Audio & Multimedia Programming
GCT661 Network Media
GCT503 Culture Technology Project

GCT501 Introduction to Culture Technology
GCT651 Media Interaction Design
GCT731 Topics in Music Technology <Sound as a new media>

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